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Solar energy is more than abundant enough to completely replace carbon based fuels but historically the technology to harvest it was too expensive to compete. That is no longer the case. The opportunities for solar began to open up when the unit cost of the electricity produced began to match domestic grid prices - first where prices were high and the climate hot, then where the price was moderate and the climate cooler. Then the same pattern was repeated with the much lower wholesale prices. Today the unit cost of solar output is below the carbon fuel input costs of power stations in many cases. Solar is intermittant and requires storage but with a unit price comparable to carbon fuels, solar has the potential to displace them on a massive scale. There has always been a compelling environmental and social case for solar but the only thing that can actually compel is the market. Now that the price is right, the market now works for solar rather than against. Big oil is big dinosaur. The asteroid is still some way off but it is coming in the form of the very serious and very profitable endeavour to find solutions to the storage problem. It is a multi-trillion dollar engine for the right type of growth.
Vox-Solaris is an alternative energy think tank. Our 'bread and butter' activity is to write energy reports on behalf of companies, investors, local authorities and governments. We are looking to go further and act as a center of information for a much wider user base. To this end this website gives general information about green revolution technologies and discusses their potential. In July we will be opening a forum so that researchers in the field can publish their work.