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  VoxSolaris Privacy Policy


A privacy policy outlines the approach an organisation takes to ensuring privacy around its user's stored data. This is the privacy policy for VoxSolaris.


VoxSolaris collects the following information via this website and under the following circumstances.

1) In our 'Contact-Us' form, users must supply their first and last name and email address. The user may also give the name of the organization they are operating on behalf on and their position within it, if applicable. This data together with the supplied enquiry or comment, is held on file for as long as it relevent to our operations. As determining this is a manual process, there is no specific time limit on how long the data is retained and so this is indefinite.

3) The site does NOT issue cookies UNLESS the user actually SUBMITS data to a form. However all page requests including those for scripts are logged. Logs are kept for a maximum of 12 months and each entry in the logs comprises the IP address of the browser and the page or script requested.

4) Some of our webpages use the Facebook Like plug-in. As a result, Facebook may record and use information about your visit to our website. For more information on how Facebook uses this information, please read the Facebook privacy policy.

Note that the 'Contact-Us' form is protected by a Google 'recaptcha' device. This means data similar to that stored in our logs, is being currently being passed to Google. In due course this will be replaced by an email verification regime in which the website emails the user with a code which must be entered in order to complete the form. In the event the user fails to enter the code within the time allowed, the 'session' that awaits the final form submission expires and is deleted from the memory without ever being committed to disk.

Note also that if the code is emailed in error (the user submits and email address that exists but is not that of the user), this email address is also not held in any database. Its transmission of the email is direct from the website engine to the email server of the recipient. The email address along with the other data in the form is only committed to disk upon successful completion of the form. This cannot ocurr if the code has been sent to the wrong address.

Financial data

Only clients would ever have cause to make payments via the payments page on our website which is not viewable without a unique URL as well as username and password. The financial data submitted during this process is not to ourselves but to the marchant (e.g. Paypal). Please read the privacy policy for the merchant.


We develop websites on behalf of clients and it is common for us to host these websites. We do this using dedicated servers we rent from colocation companies. Clients are made aware that for the time being, ALL data appearing on these servers can be accessed by our operatives. VoxSolaris undertakes not to disclose any of this information to third parties.

Please note that we are developing technology that will make it 'extremly difficult' for our operatives to see any client data. When this technology is deployed we will update this notice accordingly.

What we do with your data and how long we keep it

1) Contacts (from the 'Contact-Us' form): This data together with the supplied enquiry or comment, is held on file for as long as it relevent to our operations. As determining this is a manual process, there is no specific time limit on how long the data is retained and so this is indefinite.

2) List of email addresses of persons who have downloaded software. This list is for the sole purpose of advising recipients of upgrades to the software. In any email sent using this list, there is a link to 'unsubscribe'. This link will delete you from the list, imeadiately and permanently.

3) Logfiles: We profile logfiles to filter out 'robot' activity and so garner the extent of real human user activity. We are interested in two matters only. The extent to which our download is being used and which pages are of the most interest to visitors.


We do not share personal or corporate information with third parties with the sole exception of law enforcement agencies with whom we shall always fully cooperate.

VoxSolaris does not advertise or make other organisations services available through this website and has no intention of ever doing so.

We use colocation servers, some of which are based outside the EEA.


Under EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018, we have to state who our data controller is. The data controller is the person or organisation responsible for protecting information. The present controller is our founder, Russell Ballard.

Your rights as they relate to the data we hold about you are as follows:-

1) the right to be informed

2) the right of access

3) the right to rectification

4) the right to erasure

5) the right to restrict processing

6) the right to data portability

7) the right to object

8) the right not to be subject to automated decision-making, including profiling

If you would like access to or a copy of the personal information we hold about you, to request a correction, or have any questions about how we may use it or to make a complaint, please contact the Data Protection Manager at gdpr@voxsolaris.com

Complaints will be dealt with by the Data Controller, and will be responded to within 30 days at the latest. If you are not satisfied with the way your complaint was handled, you may be able to refer your complaint to your local data protection regulator.