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  VoxSolaris Terms and Conditions

Who can see what

The profiles of members classed as individuals cannot be made public (viewable by non members) and thier contact information (phone numbers, email and home address) cannot be seen by other members. By default, the profiles of organizations including thier contact information, is public but can in part or in whole be restricted to one or more classes of members (although there is generally no reason to do this).

The site provides an internal messaging system to all members and each member can specify which classes of member are permitted to contact them. By this means, organizations choosing not to make thier contact information available can still be contacted by members of an appropriate class. Once contact is made, the passing of contact information is fully permitted.

All members may upload project descriptions and research papers. Each upload can be either be made public or restricted to one or more class of members. If aspects of your project are commercially or otherwise sensitive, you are advived to leave out the detail of these aspects.

Under no circumstances whatsoever, will VoxSolaris ever sell or otherwise pass data to third parties. However, while all reasonable steps are taken to ensure security, VoxSolaris does not accept responsibility for information exposures occuring as a result of a cyber attack. We do undertake to make public all cyber attacks and report them to the appropriate authorities. If members have any reason for believing that a third party has obtained unauthorized information, please report it to us using the Contact Us Page. Please note that VoxSolaris does not have access to any financial information as this is only available to the merchant.

Members responsibilities

The intended purpose of this website is to share research information. Solicitation of any form is strictly forbidden.

All members are fully responsible for anything they upload. Material that is plagurized will be withdrawn. Members are further advised that VoxSolaris will provide member contact information and site activity audit trail to the appropriate authorities in the event of any investigation into criminal or terrorist activity.